Baguio City Web Design Services

Are you in need of a website to promote your business online? Ever wanted to start a blog to showcase your writing talent? If you are serious we can help you start your own personal blog, design a business/company website or even build an eCommerce shop where you will be able to sell your products and services on the internet.

  • Turnkey Websites, HTML Templates and Ready Made Blogs

Baguio Webs Main Services

Web Creation & Design

Whether you want to build a website to boost your business or simply set up a personal blog for expressing your thoughts, we can help you create a professional and beautiful website that you can proudly call your own.

Web Management Services

If you need help in maintenance as well as managing the technical aspects of your website so you can concentrate on the marketing side, then leave your website to us and we'll get it running smoothly.

Web Hosting Services

Every website needs webhost to store your website's files and deliver them to your readers' and customers' browsers. Baguio webs offers a world-class webhost that can cater to both local and global web visitors.

We setup and develop sites that are mobile responsive, cross-browser compatible, and search engine optimised. If a site is mobile responsive your site will appear beautifully on all mobile devices. A cross-browser compatible site will look the same on all major browsers like Firexfox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. A search engine optimized web design will make it easy for search engines to discover and rank your site for specific keywords that you may want to target.

Quick Website for Your Business

Online Stores

We'll hand you the right tools to let you quickly sell either physical or digital products without the hassle of having to learn everything about eCommerce and then building one from scratch. All you have to do is upload your product images then write compelling product descriptions, hit the publish button and then start promoting.

Professional Sites

For professionals, a website can serve as an online medium to connect with your potential clients. It can also serve as a marketing tool to reach clients who use the internet to seek for professional services. It serves as your virtual office where internet-savvy individuals can learn more about you and the type of services you offer.

Personal Blogs

For gifted writers and individuals who want to venture into the world of blogging, the best way to start is by having your own website under your own domain. As compared to using free blogging platforms, your domain serves as your brand and identity so you can lots of options when monetizing your blog traffic.