Affiliate Marketing Basics

So, you have finally decided to take the first step into online affiliate marketing. You’ll be glad you did! The question now is which of the hundreds of online affiliate marketing programs is right for you. If you do a little legwork up front, you can weed out a lot of programs that will not measure up to their promises or do not fit with your needs. The following criteria will direct you toward making a wise selection.

If the affiliate marketing program has a nonexistent support staff, you should definitely stay away. The staff should be willing to assist the affiliates with any questions or technical issues that may arise. Many of the better affiliate programs offer training resources, videos, and FAQ sections that will help answer many of your questions. If the contact information is not readily visible, and if someone does not get back to you within a reasonable amount of time, move on to a different program. If the program itself has problems that result in frustrating or confusing operating procedures, pass on by. There are other programs out there that function efficiently and have available support personnel.

An affiliate marketing program can have seamless programming and a superb support team, but if the product or service it stands behind is junk, the whole program is worthless. Find legitimate reviews about the product or service. Buy the product yourself, give it a test run, and honestly assess its detriments and benefits. You will know at the end of your trial run if the product or service is something you can not ethically stand behind. There are other affiliate marketing programs out there to choose from.

The marketability of a product or service will make or break your marketing campaign. A little online research will indicate if there is a ready market for your product or service. Weigh the competition to see if the industry can support another person marketing the same product of service.

High commission and conversion rates will make a marketing efforts more lucrative. Most reputable programs will pay upwards of 50% in commissions to their affiliates. If affiliates often complain about a program’s failure to make good on commissions owed, avoid that company. Study the organization’s payment policy to discern whether or not they have a minimum amount of commissions you must reach before being paid. If you do not reach the minimum payment threshold within a time period, you will not be paid and your earning will roll over into the next pay period. The conversion rate also affects your earnings as it is the percentage of people who buy the product after viewing it. A top-notch conversion rate indicates more dollars for your marketing efforts. You can search the company’s site or hunt around online to learn their average conversion rates.

Don’t waste your time struggling with an affiliate marketing program that will not work. Online affiliate marketing success is never guaranteed, but putting some solid work into the upfront research will definitely increase your chances. This time you spend up front will pay off in the long run, by helping you avoid the losing programs and focus on programs that have the most potential for success.

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