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We carefully construct our identity by choosing to dress in a certain way, buy certain accessories and live a certain kind of lifestyle, albeit chosen or forced upon us”. The way we carry ourselves defines who we are, our brand.

Branding is used by the business sector basically as reference points. However, with competition driven by the changing world it is the easiest way of helping us tell the good from the not-so-good products or services. As a buyer how I wish to collect affordable yet brander products or if not, even it costs much but with a signature of a long lasting and quality products.

Since branding applies also to services and mostly to private sectors how delightful if it will be observed in government offices or by every government official/worker. In private sectors they talk about corporate branding that talks about organizational change. Philosophically, it is the personality of an organization.

As a government employee or official what personality do we want our clients to know about us? I once visited a certain government office for some concerns expecting a good service but unexpectedly experienced dismay to the front desk officer to attitudinal problem and bewilderment on their processes that I need to follow again another long line for giving different instruction.

From the speech of president Duterte saying “I direct all department secretaries and the heads of agencies to reduce requirements and the processing time of all applications, from the submission to the realease”, it is expected that all agencies will abide to this.

Change comes. We must change also particularly in the way we give service. The brand should be at least 80% good if not the best.

We may not be competing of services unlike in the private sector but we should have a signpost of clustered values and characteristics in a recognizable package so we can be regarded with high level of trust and approval.

Let’s not wait for things to happen that we fight our conscience and the feeling of guilt because of how we treat other people. Let’s be branded for something much further than superficial products or service attributes.

By: Sharon Angupa
Source: The Adivay Newsletter Vol.6 No. 2, August-December 2016

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