Classic Igorot Songs That Are Still Being Heard Today

Just like any other culture in the world, the Igorots are a music loving people. They love to express joy, love, hate, excitement, and even despair through songs and chants.

Up to these days, many Cordilleran songs that became popular in the 1970’s to 1990’s are still being aired on radio stations. Some songs, however, have been revised to suit newly favored music genres (by younger generations) like rock, pop, and reggae.

Here are some classic Igorot songs (in no particular order) that I hope you will enjoy:


This beautiful piece about the Igorota girls/women is sung and popularized by Jun Utleg. If you’re looking for the lyrics, you can view it here: Igorota Song Lyrics.


This Batawa song version is sung by Juanito Cadangen. View lyrics here: Batawa Song Lyrics


This traditional song comes in many versions. This Longayban version is sung Brian Aliping.

Ipigpigsam ay Buwan

This Igorot song is popularized by Brian Aliping.

Nan Layad Nan Likhatan

One of the oldest Igorot love songs. See lyrics here: Nan Layad Nan Likhatan Lyrics

Nan Layad Nan Likhatan – Kankanaey Version


A beautiful song about the Cordilleras. Sung and popularized by Lourdes Gomeyac Fangki. See song lyrics here: Montanyosa Song Lyrics


Balitok song is sung by Amy Guesdan.

An Anusak

This song is a more modern one and is popularized by MPC Kinoboyan. Read the lyrics here: An-Anusak Song Lyrics

What are your favorite Igorot songs? Feel free to add favorite Cordilleran song on the comment section below.

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