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The Gold Membership Training

Beginner Training Videos

Section 1 - Introduction to WordPress

Learn how to use WordPress (WP) to create professional looking sites, quickly and easily. This section looks at a few reasons why WordPress is the best platform, and one you can trust.

WordPress Overview

WordPress HistoryRunning Time 2:31

WordPress.com or WordPress.org?Running Time 4:20

What's New In WP Version 5.5Running Time 14:22

Installing WordPress Online

There are 3 ways to install WordPress online or on a webhost, choose what suits your preference. If you're not ready with this setup or if you don't have a webhost yet, proceed to Section 2 - Install WP on Your Computer (Localhosting).

Installing WordPress Manually With cPanelRunning Time 7:19

Installing WordPress Manually With FTPRunning Time 7:57

Installing WordPress Automatically With cPanelRunning Time 6:48

Section 2 - Install WP on Your Computer (Localhosting)

Install WordPress on your PC or Mac computer, so you can start learning without having to pay hosting or domain fees. This is where you can learn and test things on your localhosted WordPress site. Do your testing here instead of your live site and once you see everything works, then do those customizations or code tweaks on your live site. Plus you’ll learn how to move your localhosted site to your live host and vice versa.

XAMPP Installation

Local vs OnlineRunning Time 2:54

Why I Chose XAMPPRunning Time 3:32

Installing XAMPPRunning Time 3:33

Start XAMPP As AdminRunning Time 3:27

Configure XAMPP ConsoleRunning Time 2:56

Installing WordPress

Install WordPress on XAMPPRunning Time 6:59

Quick and Simple BackupsRunning Time 3:44

Moving WordPress

Move WordPress Site from Online To LocalRunning Time 7:42

Move WordPress Site from Local To OnlineRunning Time 10:46


Fixing Port Conflicts (Why)Running Time 2:52

Fixing Port Conflicts (How)Running Time 4:49

Fixing Port Conflicts (Fix WP After Port Change)Running Time 6:59

General IssuesRunning Time 3:57

Can Not Login On Local After MoveRunning Time 2:57

Increase Max Size of File UploadsRunning Time 2:42

Fixing Windows Firewall Blocking Install ErrorRunning Time 1:08

XAMPP Control Panel Red X’sRunning Time 2:37


Installing Free ServerPressRunning Time 8:27

Uninstalling Free ServerPressRunning Time 4:12

Section 3 - WP Settings and Customization

Now that you've successfully installed WordPress, get to know the WP dashboard and quickly implement the basic settings.

The WP Dashboard

Log-in to Your WordPress Admin PanelWords 200

WP Dashboard TourRunning Time 5:23

WordPress Cleanup After InstallRunning Time 6:54

WP Basic Settings

GeneralRunning Time 3:355

WritingRunning Time 6:15

ReadingRunning Time 4:52

DiscussionsRunning Time 6:35

MediaRunning Time 2:05

PermalinksRunning Time 3:56

3rd Party SettingsRunning Time 1:37

Setting up a GravatarRunning Time 4:59

RSS and How To Use ItRunning Time 6:09

Basic Customization

Managing WidgetsRunning Time 7:30

Custom MenusRunning Time 6:50

WordPress PluginsRunning Time 6:57

Managing ThemesRunning Time 7:18

Change PasswordWords 200

Change Site Login Details Using Site DatabaseRunning Time 3:37

Admin Tool SectionRunning Time 3:38

Revisions and Auto SavesRunning Time 8:37

Blog Setup

Blog Setup – Pages Part 1Running Time 4:18

Blog Setup – Pages Part 2Running Time 5:05

Blog Setup – CommentsRunning Time 4:59

Blog Setup – Lead GenerationRunning Time 5:48

Blog Setup – Autoresponder ConnectionRunning Time 5:54

Section 4 - WordPress Content Creation

Start creating pages and posts. This is where you can actually post articles, images, videos and other content.


Difference Between Posts and PagesRunning Time 3:33

Post & Page Editor TourRunning Time 7:14

Tags & Categories

The Importance of WordPress CategoriesRunning Time 4:31

Maximizing Your Use of WordPress TagsRunning Time 3:43

Posts & Page Manager

Organize Your Posts Using Post ManagerRunning Time 4:42

How to Use Post Formats BlockRunning Time 2:19

Organize Your Pages Using Page ManagerRunning Time 2:50

Post & Page Inline Editor TourRunning Time 6:11

Create Pages and Posts

Creating Pages & Posts Part 1Running Time 6:30

Creating Pages & Posts Part 2Running Time 6:13

Creating Pages & Posts Part 3Running Time 4:36

How to Add a New Post (Illustrated Guide)Words 667

How to Create Pages (Illustrated Guide)Words 298

Adding Images

Upload & Format Images Using the Media LibraryRunning Time 6:09

How to Add an Image/Picture (Illustrated Guide)Words 97

Various Content Creation Tuts

How to Add and Edit HyperlinksRunning Time 6:00

How to Create Audio Playlists Without a PluginRunning Time 7:48

How to Create Audio Playlists With a PluginRunning Time 7:48

How to Create Contact PageWords 216

How to Set Up WidgetsWords 286

How to Update WordPress Core, Themes, & PluginsWords 348

Section 5 - WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are a major part of your WordPress site. They provide additional functionality that allows you to pretty much make your WordPress site do whatever you want it to do. This course will break down what a plugin is and even show you how to build a basic plugin that you can use on your own site.

Plugin Overview

What Is A PluginRunning Time 2:22

Choosing The Best PluginRunning Time 5:33

Plugin TesterRunning Time 5:46

Plugin StructureRunning Time 4:15

Widget OptionsRunning Time 4:56

Suggested Plugins and Its Uses

Contact Us PageRunning Time 5:42

Secure Video PlayerRunning Time 5:16

TinyMCE AdvancedRunning Time 4:36

Visual Editor For WidgetsRunning Time 5:11

Grid ShortcodeRunning Time 3:49

Notification BarsRunning Time 5:29

Free Akismet AlternativeRunning Time 6:42

WordPress Activity LogsRunning Time 6:02

Customize User RolesRunning Time 8:38

Plugin Directory CheckerRunning Time 5:12

Data Exporter/ImporterRunning Time 7:14

Classic Editor PluginRunning Time 4:20

More & Enhanced Gutenberg BlocksRunning Time 4:46

Section 6 - WP Theme Customization

Theme Customization is how you can quickly make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd or the millions of other WordPress sites on the web. This is a fun course and a great idea is to first setup your localhosted site and then customize your theme there before doing these on your live site. Don’t worry, I show you every step along the way.


Before We CustomizeRunning Time 3:49

How To Create A Child ThemeRunning Time 4:49


Personal Greeting ShortcodeRunning Time 3:22

Flex Date ShortcodeRunning Time 5:45

Theme Customization Tuts

Remove URL UnderlineRunning Time 4:54

Remove Incorrect Login ShakeRunning Time 1:39

Rebrand Admin Bar WP LogoRunning Time 2:46

Remove Top White SpaceRunning Time 1:33

Adjust Gap Between Posts on HomepageRunning Time 1:55

Add Border Below HeaderRunning Time 2:19

Customize Site DescriptionRunning Time 2:16

Customize Site TitleRunning Time 2:17

Random Admin AnnouncementRunning Time 4:47

Add Drop-Down Menu To Admin BarRunning Time 3:59

Section 7 - WordPress Security

WordPress Security covers how to secure your WordPress site. The popularity of WordPress makes it a target for the bad guys and this course will keep your site safe. This could cost you big bucks to pay someone to do these items for you, BUT it can cost you a lot more if these steps are not done and someone breaks into your site.

Essential Security Setups

Backup WordPress File and Database Using UpdraftPlusRunning Time 8:40

How to Secure Your Computer – Security Begins at HomeRunning Time 2:41

Easy Steps to Install a Secure WordPress SiteRunning Time 5:05

Login Page & Admin Info

Remove User ID 1 & WhyRunning Time 5:14

Customizing The Login Error MessagesRunning Time 2:53

Blocking Hackers From Seeing Admin UsernamesRunning Time 5:04

Removing The WordPress Version NumbersRunning Time 4:03

How to Hide All UsernamesRunning Time 7:08

Allowing Others To Work On Your SiteRunning Time 5:42

Site Files, Hosting, & Database

Replace The SaltRunning Time 2:33

Securing Your wp-config.php FileRunning Time 2:52

Secure Hosting ServicesRunning Time 4:02

Change DB Prefix After Install Method 1Running Time 5:51

Change DB Prefix After Install Method 2Running Time 4:57

Prevent Brute Force Attacks

Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 1Running Time 4:14

Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 2Running Time 4:00

Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 3Running Time 5:41

Identify a Hacked Site

Has Your Site Been HackedRunning Time 3:01

Hacked Site CleanupRunning Time 3:34

What To Do After Hacked Site CleanupRunning Time 2:30

Learning How to Use and Manage
WordPress Has Never Been Easier!

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Affiliate Marketing

This guide will educate you on a variety of legitimate ways to earn extra income, get a second job, launch a full-time solo career, or start your own small business – all from the comfort of your own home.

This training guide covers:

  • An Overview of how to start making money online in today’s times.
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  • How to find the right niche for online work so that you can be successful in it.
  • Find out the current Bestselling niches to make money online.
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  • Find out how to make money with a podcast.
  • Some real case studies of people making good money online from legitimate sources.

Bonus #2: Side Hustle Profits

Side Hustle Profits is a step by step blueprint for starting a profitable side hustle. You will learn exactly how you can make extra money every single month by starting a hustle today!

You will discover over 10 ways you could start a side hustle today, make extra money to cover the bills and start living the lie you've always wanted!

You will learn:

  • Why a side hustle is a perfect way to make extra money while working a full-time day job.
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  • 10+ extra side hustles, which are proven money makers, that could easily make you an extra few hundred bucks each.
  • How you can get started with a side hustle with only an internet connection and a laptop.
  • How you can get started with a side hustle today without spending a dime
Side Hustle Profits

Bonus #3: Online Business Mastery - Training Guide

Online Business Mastery

The Online Business Mastery is an in-depth guide overflowing with strategies, resources and best practices to help all budding entrepreneurs starting their first online business in an affordable and safe way, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls.

It will also help existing online businessmen to equip themselves with the latest and strategic advice right from deciding the correct name of their business to launching their social media strategy and evaluating the success of it.

Equip yourself with the most tactical and strategic advice in the Online Business Industry!

You will learn:

  • How to get started with your online business.
  • How to find a good business idea in a good niche and do competitor analysis.
  • How to decide a name for your business, getting it registered, installing WordPress, web hosting, designing a logo and other basic set up.
  • How to develop your online marketing framework and your traffic acquisition strategy.
  • How to leverage content marketing and Paid channel advertising to connect with audiences.
  • How to drive incremental sales and build connections using email marketing and affiliate marketing.
  • How to be found with the right SEO tactics and launching your social media strategy.
  • How to design a mobile internet marketing strategy and tools to evaluate your online business.

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